Thursday, November 27, 2008

The python experience

I have attended a "Python" session last week althu I was never interested in such programming languages. The robot is from Georgia Tech. The thing they have done is to make the robot walk, dance, talk, sing and take pictures with the built-in camera using the various libraries in Python. The session was fun! I never thought its that easy!! And now I want a robot myself!!!!!Link


Hashimoto said...

i wanted to learn the Python programming language ... i started with the basics .. but people told me that the prog is not good ... and advised me to leave it .. now .. i see it move a robot !! shakly ra7 akammil learning .. x)

doona said...

m3 eny madree meno python hatha...shakla ywanes!

Nemo said...

i dont know much here but the session was fun!!

- they made the robot sing national anthem and dance ..

- they made the robot take pictures of the whole class and make a movie out of it .. and a lot of fun stuff

- the most important part is that all of this is easy!! there are defined libraries that control the robot "turnleft, turnright, playmusic, ... etc"

Bashar said...

I didn't like Python syntax as much as Perl, however it is very powerful I have it in mind for one of my projects.