Sunday, November 16, 2008


2 months ago i decided to go Paperless ... and I managed to do the following:
  1. I stopped using the printer. I stopped printing docs, I forced myself to read everything off the screen (or by using my future ebook reader). (why print docs that are already "digitalized" for you?). I also got rid of all physically stored documentations which are useless!
  2. I stopped using sticky notes and used instead the e-sticky notes. its free and light. (check my current desktop pic)
  3. Instead of using the colored physical folders to store my docs, I used iColorFolder. Again its free and with it you can really organize your folders, color them based on your defined categories. (check my current desktop pic).
  4. When I go to meetings I either bring my laptop or bring nothing! (or my future ebook reader) No more papers!
  5. When I need to write something I use notepad!
After 2 months now, I can say that I'm Paperless :) I have no physical docs in my office, no papers and no sticky notes.
my current desktop


Anonymous said...

I've been trying to do so, but I don't think I can! I just love the feel of paper, and doodling, I just love doodling. And if I try and go paperless, I will have to deal with post-it withdrawal symptoms, hehe

Good tips though :D Thank you :)

Sham3at Al Jillas said...

Wow...! That is impressive! I thought it was virtually impossible to go without papers. So, now you only buy ebooks? What about the folders at work? Signed documents? Quotations? etc...

doona said...

i tried that too, but like 8bitsofcoffee, i just love the feel of paper!
i cant do anything productive with an e-document lol =(

Nemo said...

books: im just waiting to buy a good ebook reader ... but i think i will still buy novels that dont get published as ebooks

* all communications are done thru email, i consider the email as a signed document :)

* im posting the documentation of whatever i do with the project/app online

* maybe if im working in Finance or HR that would be impossible .. but since im in IT, we really dont need to store huge documentations and stuff ...

althu there are work flow products, where you can store allllll scanned documents and stuff i hope we can implement one in the future

Anonymous said...

i wish be a paperless :#!!
last Sat. i found in my room papers since 2001!!! donno why i still keep them!!

Anonymous said...

Stickies and colored folders are built-in on Macs ;P

Nemo said...

ma7eb macs :p

PaLoMiNo said...


OMG 7abyt what ur doing so much!!!

thankssssss thanksss thankss for sharing :********

MBH said...

The idea is very tempting, but I find it almost impossible to implement in an organization/company, simply because you'll need physical trail of any business process.

Scanning & storing the documents is cool, but what happens if your storage goes bye-bye? You'll need a backup software & hardware -- extra cost.

So it all boils down to one question: Would the cost of going digital be less than the cost of papers, printers & ink?

On the individual level, I do agree that if you have the document in a digital format, you wouldn't need to print it!!!!

Nemo said...

i agree with you ... implementing at the organization level is almost impossible right now ...

but on the individual level it can happen .. and its really good .. the best part is being able to get to the thing you want in no time!