Thursday, November 13, 2008

Good things that can happen when you work in IT

I Tag all of you to write about the good stuff that can happen in your work environment.

This is my "good things that can happen when I'm in IT" list:

* I can go to the store pick any piece of hardware I like ... new monitor? RAM? keyboard? mouse? pc? ... etc "going to the store is always fun ;)"

* I get too see, check and "touch :p" latest tech stuff bought by my dept.

* I can download/install any software I like ... specially when it comes to certain type of software that I can't download.

* Regardless of any policies implemented at work, I can still surf the net fully.

* No formal stuff ...

* Server room is a good place to hide ...


MBH said...

* Building server-level boxes and specific to their application (databases, filesystems, gateways, 3D rendering).

* Implement technologies for the enterprise: closed source or open source; we do the analysis, they enjoy the features.

* Geeking out with cool gadgets.

* Being a senior admin, I get to put the policies.

* No card to punch. Get the job done by/before the deadline.

* Stay away from people (most are morons)

* Get to play black-ops once in a while & investigate dirty employees.

* Not be fooled by marketing drones & salesmen (regardless of item being purchased) because almost always do a research online on items available locally first!

Nemo said...

* investigating dirty employees loooool

Bashar said...

Well, when you are admin of system, it's like you are some kind of mini-God of this system (excuse the expression)

What's better than that?

Ohh I know. The better you get, the more irreplaceable you are.

Nemo said...

mini-god i do agree :p
I always tell the system admin that :p

by the way .. the position is vacant anyone interested?

we have two critical vacant positions => System Admin and Network Admin!


MBH said...

I have a network admin to recommend (Egyptian). Worked with him for 2 years and he's considering moving out for better chances, salary and challenges.

Email me the job description & responsibilities, company size, and I'll have him forward his CV.

As for Systems Admin, what kind of servers do you have? I might be interested ;)

Nemo said...

you can email me the CVs anytime ... i'll forward it to my manager ... i'll send you the description by email