Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fedora 10

Tomorrow: Leaving Ubuntu for my ex Fedora :)


Anonymous said...

Fedora's a bit slow, but I heard they have tons of features in their release.

Nemo said...

i thought of trying ubuntu for a while but i guess i like fedora more, lets see

its available now :)

Anonymous said...

I am new to Linux ,,, i use Ubuntu now !
so how duos fedora work ?
is it like Ubuntu ?
do i need to learn new stuff to operate it ?

MBH said...

Used Fedora Core up to version 5. Never got myself to like that piece of crap!

"yum" was always snail slow (which I read they fixed), and its packages aren't quite well integrated with each other.

Other than general system slowness that I always encountered, the last time I updated a package, it deleted menu items from the K-menu (KDE) and other places. It got me so pissed off because I didn't know the actual program name of some progs & I could no longer even run them from the shell :/

Fedora's slowness comes from it having the cutting edge stuff dumped into it, and its steady release cycle of 6-months.
Upgrading every 6 months is not something I'm fond of, and I'm not into cutting edge thingies either. (compiz fusion? who uses GUI anyway? ;p)

I switched to Kubuntu after that... I'm much happier, even though it has its quirks too, but not as bad as Fedora.

I'm miss my Slackware box :(

Nemo said...

sinfuleye: its a different flavor, u dont need to learn anything new, check

i have installed it now, and i love it :p

don't laugh @ me