Thursday, October 30, 2008

That's it, I'm done with Heroes

Way too many characters.
They tend to over complicate stuff.
Causes headaches.

I saw the first 15 episodes and that's it for me, can't stand it anymore. I just deleted all the seasons.


q8Honey said...

I gave up from the first season ;p

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree with you. They are making the same mistake as they did with lost. It's a TV series, I don't need to be keeping track of everyone on it! Marra annoying.

Nemo said...

yes annoying wallah!
couldnt stand it

Aurous said...

not the best show out there... but I got hooked up to the story :)

you did good by stopping cuz it won'tt get any better!!!!

doona said...

i never saw it bs heard it was really good!

Anonymous said...

Whyyyy did u delete ittt?

Chan you gave them to me? i cannot wait for the last season to appear on showtime!!!!

Btw my hubby always is excited at the begining of each episode. o every single time, he will be sleeping soundly after 3 minutes form the start!!!! no matter what time of day it is!!! He says its too complicated it makes him go to sleep!!!!

Nemo said...

loool ma alomah

1- 20 wa7ed y6la3 bl 7alqa
2- kel wa7ed mn hal 20 y6la3 fe one scene
3- kel wa7ed mn hal 20 rasah y3awrah o confused o ta3ban .. etc


Spur said...

i was done with it ages ago.. i was done with t.v. centuries ago, cuz everything is exactly like it now!! endless plots :S

Nemo said...

spur: what r u watching then?