Friday, October 24, 2008

My Future E-Book Reader

* will enter the market early 2009*
Reasons why I want this:
  1. Aramex shipments are becoming more and more expensive, last month I ordered a book for 8 KD and the shipping cost was 8 KD => 16 KD Total.
  2. I really don't read the whole book (unless its a novel). I read specific topics, chapters (20% of the book on average).
  3. I really would like to be able to search my books!!!
  4. I think its really cool to have all your books, heavy references in one tiny thing.


Anonymous said...

Wow, this is much better than the kindle. Who knows, in a few years, these things will display in color and then books will be obsolete :D

MBH said...

Does the e-book allow you to make a copy of the books on your PC? Or does it force you to download the books directly to it?

If it dies, and you don't have a backup of the books, can you re-download them?

Nemo said...

3baid: it is ... o yes im still wondering when will be the display in color :p

mbh: hmmm madri bs still i want one :p lama i buy one i will tell you :p

S E 7 E N said...

i was told DHL have the same services .. mithil aramex ... oo they r cheaper .... try them out ...