Sunday, October 12, 2008

Coloring Books?

My friend and I decided to go to Jarir bookstore last Saturday to search for books but we ended up searching in the coloring books section! Do you remember the ones that we had back then? barbie, Disney princesses, beautiful girls wearing beautiful dresses ... etc? MAFY ;( the only thing i have found is the ugly "bratz" doll ;( so it made me think about the differences between what we had and they have now ...




Ra-1 said...

كنت أحبهم خصوصا تلوين باربي
ترا الحين أبجي :p

doona said...

heres to a sluttier generation :(

q8Honey said...

Yeah! I used to love coloring the lips red.. ALWAYS!

I'd start with the lips, and sometimes leave the rest ;p

J o u j a™ said...

LOOL ee wallah 9ij farg :(
God i miss coloring ,, its so much fun ,,

Nemo said...

I used to love coloring waaaaaaaaaayed

o aham shay el lips lool i agree

+ ashwa ena im mn el old la2na jad i dont want to like the bratz doll wai3 :p

desertpalms said...

LOl the first two piks..i swear i had that same colouring book!! ee i have good memory =P

Nemo said...

desertpalms lool mashallah :P
walla kanat ayam 7elwa :p