Monday, September 15, 2008

User Requirements

When I first started working as a developer, Users used to drive me crazy with their changing requirements. They say we want this thing to be done that way .. I go to the office spend a week doing the task and then the users come and say yes its good but I was thinking that this is not what I wanted exactly, why not doing it the other way around ?

I used to get frustrated although never showed up my feelings. I saw my co-workers getting frustrated when users changed requirements frequently .. and I did like them ..

Last month, I was thinking while I was on vacation that all great Software/Websites/.. etc didn't just became great ... there was one day a basic version 1, then updated to version 2 ...until it became what it is today. (developement)

So I just realized maybe IT IS OK for users to change their requirements, maybe i need to put myself in their shoes ... I think If I was the user I would change the requirements frequently and way more than my users are changing their requirements.

I feel so good now that I'm ok and I can understand that great things can't just come up right from the first try out ... I became flexible ... (Do I sound desparate?)

What do you think ... ?


atoona said...

no, its not desperate at all.

Its good to look at the positive side of things! :)

Bashar said...

As much as I value customer feedback, most clients I believe really are annoying in a sense that they don't know what they want, or they want too much, and eventually, when it's time for your reward, they think you are evil asking for too much!

Which is why I don't take freelancing for others as a job :)

Nemo said...

Thnx and I hope I can keep it up.

users are annoying and drive you crazy all the time .. :s

I dont know for how long I would feel this way .. lol