Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Things you must know when you're in IT

if you work in IT then you have to know everything about

1- Networking.
2- Databases.
3- Programming (system, web, .. etc).
4- Hardware (know how to fix all hardware issues).
5- Know all applications in the world.
6- You have to be an expert in Ms Office specifically.
7- Mobiles, basically any tech device.
8- the list goes on ..

basically you can't say I don't know, you have to have an answer for every question asked by the user ... if you said I don't know, you're not qualified ...



Lavender said...


i guess am not qualified :(((

i dont think i know all the applications in the world !

Hellraiser said...

There is no way on earthe you cover IT from infra to security to application, i have been in the business for 15 years, and I still can't cover all the bases. So whoever told you this, you can answert his is why we have specialisation, like Dr. and Lawyers, we know the basics but we can't deliver an accurate diagnosis.

Aurous said...

That's difficult! :)

Nemo said...

i know a fraction of one point of what i've listed :P

yes we tried the dr example lol
when you tell someone well 'i dont know you how to help u' he/she gives you that look that says 'ohhh how come you're in IT and you dont know ...'
my mom always does that lol

yes it is!!! even in my area there are things that i dont know because they come up with new things every second maybe ...:s

Anonymous said...

LOL I can totally relate ;) Good thing I stumbled upon your site, now I have a colleague ;)

Nemo said...

Bloggylife: yeah lol great that you know what i mean :D and Welcome to the blog :)