Saturday, September 13, 2008

Google Analytics .. Simply Amazing

would you like to know where from are your readers? or
would you like to know which topic is the most visited? or

would you like to know what is the most used OS/browser by your readers?

and lots of more statistics free from Google analytics

its wonderful ... if you're already using it then you know that, if not give it a try ...

its simple just create an account

add the tracking code as a gadget to your blog (choose javascript content) and then wait for 24 hours to check the statistics for the previous day ...

* love google *


Aurous said...

Google is amazing :)

Bashar said...

Actually, there is more to Google Analytics than any other tool. You could set goals, like steps for user registration, and then track those goals. How do people progress, what's percentage of people who do signup. You can use different site layouts, and study which one performs best.

If you are advertising your site, you could also tie your ads to your Analytics to know which ads result in more conversion. Lots to explore and utilize.

Nemo said...

yes google is always cool :D

and the tools you have explained will be really cool if you have a buisness and you want to grow :D

for me, im just trying things out for fun :P

and the map in google analytic helped me learning were countries are located lol
everytime i login, i try to guess a country name :D