Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How did the Romans name their daughters?

Shortly after birth, Roman infants received a first name. The first names of boys came from a standard list of 22 names such as Marcus or Gaius. Female children, on the other hand, were simply identified by sequence numbers. Thus the second daughter of a Marcus Julius would be Julia Secunda.!  (I'll be number 1, cool!!).

From the book: Making Europe Volume 1


doona said...


mo 9iiiiij!! ;Pp

Bloggylife said...

so all the girls will be Julia then sequence number :P

I'm the same as you :P

oo ba3deeen eshfee all civilizations 3ala el-banat xo

MBH said...

BloggyLife, no civilization or culture had respect for women until Islam came along and fixed that.

Bloggylife said...

ee moo that's the question, laish?? ya3nee kila makoo rights, always killing them, 7a6eenhom in a corner! always associating them with every living thing honour!

Someone back then started it xo

Nemo said...

BloggyLife: la2na they know we are very powerful lol

Bloggylife said...

LOL what a refreshing way of looking at it :P sa7 hehehehehe GIRL power :D