Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lets Read - January's List

One of my 2009 resolutions is to read 2 books/month. Now I need 2 books for this month. Who also wants to read? Can you suggest a book (please)? I'll pick 2 books of your suggestions and read them.
Question: What's your favorite book store here in Kuwait?


..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

i'm currently reading "A man named dave" ..

and so far i like jareer bookstore but i order most of my books online :)

Esperanza said...

ok if u love arabic go with:
17 (for 3abdelwahab allsayyed)
zeyarat lailaya (3abdlewahab alsayad)
wel actually i recommend all his books u can find them at the airport or jareer bookstore!

if english:
all margret peterson haddix's books
Twilight even though i havent read it but every body is going BUZZ about it

well if i continue ill give a hell alot of a list so lets stay at this point!! good luck!! =D

sadia said...

oh! sadly i don't have enough time to read. but currently i'm reading "road to makkah" and "lord jom"

sadia said...

and oh!, i recommend them both!

nameless said...

i 2nd anosa about 3abdilwahab ilsayid, but i recommend ilab3ad ilmajhola iljz' 1 and 2, tafjeir

3indk ilsajeina 7ilo

o 3indk rwayat na9ir ilqa9aby,

so3ar 7ag bothayna il3eisa, o 3indha ktab thany esma ert6am lam yosma3 laho dawy, ham qawy,

anyway so yea, hathail rwayat khafeifa, etha taby syasya wila falsafa wila tareikh, let me know

MeeMzZ said...

i don't like kuwaity book stores!!;p you should take a break and go to the biggest waterstones in london piccadily and you can find any book there they can also suggest you some books!!;p which is awesome!!:P

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

oh btw hun did u read "a thousand splendid suns" by Khaled Hosseini ? the same author of the "The Kite Runner" i liked the novel a lot !

p.s: i know that the books that im reading are a bit old but cz i keep on buying and piling them up without reading them : / so i decided not to buy any new book until im done with my piled collection :P

TOOTA said...

yeah i agree with p.anonymous i soo recomend the kite runner i loved that book and if you like jane austen then you must have heard of the pride and pridjuce great book!!

Livingmylife said...

twilight .. if uv read it .. new moon .. if uv read that eclipse .. if u'v read that too


ana bageeli 350 pages left! i cant put the book down! and i have to study for my midt! ;'/

but its soo good!

i recommend them .. though if uv read twilight no way u can not read the rest..


nameless said...

here is were u can find any arabic book u want

Qa6Wa said...

Read 1984

i usta go to this tiny book store in Ahmadi, it's called the international book company, i think!

Fastidious Babe said...

i have soo many books to be read.. havent got to any in a while.. mmm im kinda reading management books right now!! >_<

Technogal said...

I got all my book from Amazon.
I suggest that you read "Twilight" very interesting!

zuz said...

if u didnt read "million little pieces" THEN U SHOULD!!!!! age9 eedy etha u wont like it, 3ajeeeb,o egray "the lovely bones" , im currently reading "something borrowed" its soooooooo intertaining:P, i get my books from amazon. and btw try all paulo cahelo's books AMAZING!

Nemo said...

i will start creating a list of all the recommendations i got :) Thanks all

P.ANONYMOUS: thnx :) "A man named dave"
+ "the kite runner" + "a thousand splendid suns" by Khaled Hosseini -- so many unread books - tell me about it! we all do it :p

Ansoosa: WOW lol i just finished 17 :p khafeefa :) his books are really good :)
+ margret peterson haddix's books
+ Twilight

sadia: "road to makkah" and "lord jom"
thnx :))

nameless: el sajina 7lo yes, so3ar too
ilab3ad ilmajhola iljz' 1 and 2 too
i read them, will look into the rest,

"ert6am lam yosma3 laho dawy" +
"rwayat na9ir ilqa9aby = methel shno? +

thnx alot :D

MeeMzZ: ah london :p lel asaf we have limited book stores here

TOOTA:thnx :) added the kite runner + pride and pridjuce :)

Livingmylife: leave the book and study o best of luck inshalla in ur exam :) thnx for the recommendations :) added to the list :)
twilight + new moon + eclipse

BLaSha: 1984! 10 mins ago .. i came across the book ", 50 most popular books!" added to the list thnx :)

Fastidious Babe:
management books -- anything interesting? :)

Technogal: "Twilight" :) thnx :)
Amazon :*

zuz: million little pieces + the lovely bones + something borrowed
+ all paulo cahelo's books
again amazon :***
thnxx :)

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

ur most welcome sweety ;*

Qa6Wa said...

it is? I dunno, i'm not good with books, nor reading, i was forced to read it in high school.... it changed the way i think!

Qa6Wa said...

n yer most welcome :)

doona said...

1984 was pretty amazing...

o mtwilight was good too...wouldnt call it amazing though

if you havent read any of dan brown's books, then read angels and demons then da vince code (in that order)

theyre my all time favorite books...and amazing thrillers and page-turners! =)

i usually go to virgin cz they have to newest stuff, bs if you want a bigger collection, go to muthanna ;)

Razz said...

novels are best found in muthanna complex in the basement... fee maktaba 3ajeeba hnaaak..

regarding books, i've been reading in blogs that twilight series are so good.. i don't read novels that much but i do read educational books which i prefer and like:P

Razz said...

oh oh, biographies are the best thing for me

Bashar said...

2 books per month is pretty good, wish I could make such commitment. I listen to 2 audio books average per month though from Listening is not always as good as reading though, not all books are good in audio. And definitely not Einstien I bet. It may be good for some general knowledge stuff. Biography without so many dates or complex names that you cant trace. For example I listened to ENIAC (How computers were invented... not Windows or Mac... first military funded general purpose computers) and thought it deserves reading as well. It's not good also for Self Improvement, since these books require focus and solitude, while I listen driving. You can guess! Perhaps I will write about my audio book experience in a single post later.

Now what to read... Hmmm... you should've given some pointers about type of books, so now you'll get more than 2 :)

1- Tipping Point: How small things in life, could make big changes, in very short time. For example of our recent life, how Mohannad and Turkish series made it so popular. Perhaps some people with large network exposure, who knows how to deliver the message, made it all spread out like a disease. Ofcourse book takes on different examples, but you get the idea. This book if great for marketers, business owners, starters, and I think for public knowledge. REALLY recommended I already got several ppl buying it, though I still need to finish it all my self :P. But it is great.

/me Checking his library...

2- HARD DRIVE - Bill Gates and the making of the Microsoft empire: The book is as cool as it's name. The story of Bill as never told, since he was 7 years old! Fascinating, motivational, business lessons, and more. While book stops at 1993, and I hope to see an extension to it, it remains way so cool.

3- Business @ The Speed of Thought: By my mortal enemy, Bill Gates him self :). Though I admit, this is the book that got me into business an Bio books. Great for business ppl and programmers/software Eng as well. Inspiring in the concept. He speaks about how the enterprise should act as a digital nervous system, as in one change or effect is any part, would reflect and notify all others. Information must travel @ speed of thought. Will teach you great lessons.

I have a list of what I'm reading at my blog sidebar, and you can click more there to see more comprehensive one. Though it's not always up to date, so I'd be happy in sharing thoughts on any book before you buy it :)

And... tell us about yours. A list of people readings is always inspiring.

Favorite book store: While not as large as before, I kinda like Virgin more than Jarir. Jarir started BIG, but moved slowly. They dont update so often. At least not my type of books.

Anonymous said...

good luck :)

Ansam said...

Muthana complex ta7at fih good shop + Jarir... amma Virgin, fa ra7at 3alihom! Someone suggested that I read Tipping Point so will see.. I know I cant read two books per month :-S I am too busy for that

Nemo said...

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: Thanx sweetie :)) choices have been added.

Think-Become: I love biographies, can you recommend some?

Bashar: thnx for the reviews!! thats a whole post :), you should write about ur experience with audio books! i've listened to one book only :p it was okay

Amu: thnx :))

Ansam: added to my list, thnx :))

Razz said...

biography of richard branson ,creator and founder of virgin

asameee said...

read the elizabethans!

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