Monday, January 5, 2009

ACM Challenge - January's Problems

//to programmers

One of my 2009 resolutions is to solve 2 ACM problems per month. I haven't done that since 2005! The UVa Online Judge offers a wide selection of problems. you can submit your solution in "C, C++, Java, or PASCAL". From my experience => Java is slow, C is hard (String is an array of chars!), C++ was the best, and I don't know PASCAL! I will give Java another shot if not, I'll stick with C++.

I have selected two random problems with high success rates.

10015 - Joseph's Cousin
10019 - Funny Encryption Method

Any one interested? :p


..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

oh good luck with that sweety ..
im totally lost :P

nameless said...

aint into programming myself bas 3indy friends that will be interested, ill link them ur post,

good luck mate

MBH said...

Ah good old days!

I solved 3 in the challenge 3 years back, but that was it. C++ has been erased from my memory. All PHP now.

Good luck!

(Java stinks...)

Bashar said...

Java is slower in general than C++, but you make it sound too slow :)

Standy said...

i'm not into programming bas i wish you all the best :)

TOOTA said...

good luck in that!!

Anonymous said...

i had a simple c++ Lectures at the university 2 years ago ,,, simple stuff ,,,, am thinking now of getting a detailed Lectures .
maybe after graduation from chemistry =D

Nemo said...

P.ANONYMOUS: thanks so much i hope i can finish them before feb :)

nameless: thnx :)) tell your friends cuz its fun :)

MBH: you will only need the basic syntax, i don't remember C++, last write i used it was before 3 years

Java is fancy :p you can't build cute stuff with C and you can't build the linux kernal with java :p

thnx :)

Bashar: last time i couldn't solve anything with Java, C++ was much faster, I'll give it a shot this weekend o lets see

Stand-Alone~: thanks :))

TOOTA: Thanks :))

sinfuleye: I love chemistry :D, good luck bl chemistry :D