Saturday, April 2, 2011

More about “Left Mind vs. Right Mind”

From the book: “My Stroke of Insight” by Jill Bolte Taylo, Chapter 16.

Right Mind: 
  • It’s all about right here, right now, the richness of the moment, filled with gratitude for my life and every one in it.
  • It smiles a lot and is extremely friendly.
  • Compassionate, nurturing and eternally optimistic
  • It observes without judgment. No judgment of good/bad or right/wrong.
  • It is sensitive to non-verbal communication, and accurately decodes emotion.
  • It is your intuition and higher consciousness.
  • Highly creative: thinks out of the box. Not limited by the rules of regulations set by the left mind.
  • Free, not bogged by the past or fearful of what the future may bring or not bring.
  • Thinks in images/pictures.
  • Looks at the big picture and how things relate to each other.
  • The Extreme Right Mind: seldom connect to a common reality and spend most of our time with head in the clouds.

Left Mind: 
  • Preoccupied with details and runs your life on a tight schedule.
  • The more serious side.
  • It defines boundaries and judges everything as right/wrong or good/bad.
  • Responsible for transforming all the information and possibilities into something manageable.
  • It is what you use to communicate to the external world.
  • Thinks in language and speaks to you constantly.
  • Your organizer: has the ability to organize, categorize, describe, judge and critically analyze everything.
  • Has the ability to multitask.
  • Identifies patterns.
  • Processes large volumes of information (much faster that that the right mind).
  • The storyteller: brilliant at making up stories, filling the blanks where there are gaps in data and generating alternative scenarios.
  • Genius at generating What-if possibilities and drawing conclusions.
  • Your ego center.
  • Your critical analytical mind.
  • The Extreme Left Mind: exhibits extremely rigid thinking patterns that are analytically critical.


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