Thursday, February 19, 2009

Earth Centered Model

Until the sixteenth century, the whole world believed that the Sun and the other planets orbited our planet Earth (Earth centered model). it was a simple fact just like 1+1=2. The textbook that explained the "Earth centered model" lived for ~1600 years.

Is everything we believe in nowadays true?


Aurous said...

we're not 100% sure about most of the things that seem so "matter of fact"
They can be proven untrue and then we'll have to come up other theories..

take the atom for example... we can't see it nor can we see the electrons, protons, etc..
so how can we be sure they even exist?!! ;p

MacaholiQ8 said...

Not everything but most things are believed to be true and we keep making sure they're true time by time.

@ Aurous:
As a matter of fact the atom and all its components exist, hence we have nuclear energy and some many other fields based on atom studies. :)

Nemo said...

Aurous:i started to suspect everything :S
they lived with a text book for 1600 years .. and they even added more proofs that supported the model.

MacaholiQ8: yes thats what they did .. they took it as a fact and then they created all additional proofs and theories to support their model, some of the theories were very complex
so maybe we shouldn't do that :S

Nemo said...

maybe we should question everything!

Nemo said...
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Nosayba El-Sayed said...

Are you really willing to question everything? And I don't just mean announced scientific facts, but everything happening around us in this World, and everything we are meant to believe. If you are, I recommend you check the articles of Dr. Henry Makow

Or watch this amazing documentary about the New World Order: The Wake Up Call.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nemo for sharing this. I've read recently A Briefer History of Time. While I don't absorb all of the concepts in that book, I did learn quite a lot and one of the most important lessons is, how much of what we believed in, based on history, is bound to be completely wrong, or only partially right.

It's my strongest stand actually on why darwinians do not accept a single negation to their evolution belief despite what they could find contradictory. They simply say it's proven fact and you can't deny, while their science books are full of negations.

Reading the book Briefer History of Time by the way is something I suggest.

Anonymous said...

Ohh... Question Everything... Have you been reading Einstien?

Nosayba El-Sayed said...

lol Well, I don't know about Nemo (in case the Question is for her), but personally I've been reading: Oath Betrayed, The Grave Diggers, The Hidden Hand, Secret Societies, Henry Makow's articles about NWO & The Illuminati, Satanic Voices, and the list keeps growing. I think some day I will question my own self..

Nemo said...


"Are you really willing to question everything?" this question drives me crazy but yes i do :S
and thanks for the great list :p will go through it!

* Dr. Henry Makow
* The Wake Up Call
* Oath Betrayed
* The Grave Diggers
* Hidden Hand
* Secret Societies
* The Illuminati
* Satanic Voices

Bashar: yes exactly we just automatically believe in everything that is there and then we search for theories that support what we believe in. we rarely do the opposite, we always try to prove that we are right. the book "brief history of time" will be a gift from my uncle :p when he comes back next week :p

and as for the darwinians you're right, i don't know why they don't accept a single negation!!

"Have you been reading Einstien?" if thats for me, i have the book in my "to read" list :p i only read the first chapter

Nosayba El-Sayed said...

Anytime, Nemo!

*Dr Henry Makow
*The Illuminati

Actually I meant articles of Makow about the Illuminati, but instead you can order his book: "Cruel Hoax", a.k.a "Illuminati". I didn't order it yet, only read his articles, but might soon :)

"The Grave Diggers -- The Civilization that digs humanity's grave" is for a French philosopher and politician "Roger Garaudy"; This man was put to trial for publishing academic work that proves the Holocaust is a myth.

Anonymous said...

Nemo: Thats a nice gift :). Dont do the one chapter habit and stop. Its on my list but I wanna do it in one shot once I have time.

Nosayba: Thanks for the list. All new to me, nice to take a look at them. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi Nemo,

A very interesting topic...

I'm the type of person who's willing to question everything, but I only see that as the first stepping stone towards discovering the truth. I think we need to shift our focus towards finding the answers and not just posing the questions.

As far as science goes, there's a difference between theory and fact. That the earth is round is no longer a theory. It's a fact. It has been directly observed to be round.

When it comes to theories, you have to consider how valid the evidence is before knowing whether the theory is sound or not. If you look at the evidence to support the "earth is flat" myth, you will notice that it doesn't qualify as evidence. In most cases, the argument stemmed from false religious dogma.

I think we need to be open to re-consider our frame of reference (what we judge beliefs/theories by), but to be cautious in not casting doubt on everything. I have actually met people who question their own existence! Not a very happy or healthy place to be!

Anonymous said...

Yes question everything .. in the old days information was a privilidge and now information is provided all over (most of it jargon but that doesnt matter) and we as humans have been kept in the dark by "divide and conquer" and by keeping sacred information away from us, so that people dont acknowledge that they are powerful human beings and not just followers or herd

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