Tuesday, November 25, 2008

USB Food Heater!

Question: Would you use it? [Source]


Anonymous said...

I want one ;) I am sure it wont be of any use cuz I am extremely lazy once I am back home :D

doona said...

not really...i like my food cold lol ;)

Anonymous said...

its nice bs no i won't be using it... cause i can survive without food.. 9air min il zawa7if hal yomeen :P

MBH said...

This would probably break many computers' USB ports or even the whole controller, due to the amount of power being drawn.

As far as I know, USB 2.0 can provide 500mA max over its port which I highly doubt is enough to heat the water to be steam!

Perhaps someone who's fond of Thermodynamics could come up with the exact time this thing needs to heat the water up to that point over 500mA.

Plus, heating food in plastic containers is a health hazard.

Nemo said...

Amu: i think its for 19$ :p

Dandoon, ZaMaHReeR: i wouldn't use it too :p althu im using the microwave everyday since i come home at 5! hmm why?

MBH: as for the power and the time it needs to heat the food ... yes i would like to know too
the shop that sells the bag is not helpful (Japanese)

sadia said...

this is soooo cool!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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