Tuesday, September 16, 2008

free software movement?

I asked my colleague today, are you with or against the "free software movement"? he said I'm with it! and I asked why? he didn't answer.

I was thinking why is all the world taking us for granted? why should all software in the world be free? why are we pushing too hard toward the "free software" thingy?

I never thought of this topic but today it came to my mind and I thought why wouldn't doctors for example save patients' lives for free, I know that there are free clinics but why not all hospitals in the world treat people for free? just like what we are pushing for (free software for all?).

I would like to get rewarded for what I'm doing, If it was for free I would be looking into something else to do. I'm with the open source movement but against the free software movement. "open source" pushes us to develop something more efficient, useful, ... etc but free software makes me think of switching to another job!


note: "open source" is different from "free software", as an example, when a doctor explains how he treated a patient its called "open source" and when a doctor treats the patient for free its called "free software".


What do you think of the "free software movement"? If you're with it to explain to me why? maybe I would change my mind!

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